Questioners about effects of computer games

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The Effect of Videogames on Student Achievement

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Real Battle Ministries

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The most common question discusses the effects that the video/computer games have on the academic performance of the gamer. Researchers have found that each situation should be handled independently because the effects vary from individual to individual.

Among the respondents there are 32% who use computer for them to make assignments/projects and 68% of them using computer for playing games and opening some websites. The common websites and games they open or play are Facebook got 39% of their answers, 8% is for crossfire players, 12% for Tetris, 33% for the all time favorite game DOTA, 3% for.

Real Battle Ministries is an educational organization that offers information, research, support and practical help for parents and children on the issues of technology overuse and video game addiction in order to maintain a balance between technology use and productive activities needed to.

Real Battle Ministries

Am I a video gaming addict? Only you can answer this question. We use the term gaming addict to describe our condition of having an obsession and compulsion to game, which grows worse over time, and an inability to limit our gaming, despite all the trouble and losses it causes.

2 Student Questionnaire In this booklet, you will find questions about you and what you think. For each question, you should choose the answer you think is best. Let us take a few minutes to practice the kinds of questions you will answer in this Playing video or computer games.

Aug 26,  · Considering the increasing rate of addiction to computer games among Iranian adolescents and youth, the present study was conducted to investigate the effects of addiction to computer games on physical and mental health including physical health, anxiety, and depression and impaired social functioning.

Questioners about effects of computer games
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